Request Here!!!

Now you can wish for characters here and DBTantZ will try to make them true.

                BUT REMEMBER ONE BY ONE


  1. Sorry guys
    But why not start again?
    request and i will make them come true

  2. Zamasu and Merged Zamasu, there is models in Xenoverse

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  4. Oh my god ...dude request !!!
    Removed ! nooooooooooooooooo >.< i took many time to write it ... that's good cause i saved it lol.

    Hey:D dude , can i ask you ? , please i have 1 request
    you know normal vegeta model i mean in zeq2_lite normal version
    i want you add to him Clothes , like your model here

    just Clothes With a circle around the neck Which covers the body on clothes this circle is awesome please can you made it ?!!leave level power and model like it was just please change the clothes
    and your cover on the body , like your model it's so so so awesome ofcourse with ssj 1 and ssj 2
    thanks DDD
    i want play with it replace normal vegeta
    sorry for much reading loool thx

  5. If you can make the cover with the same original size ...


  6. in the End ( Cover , Clothes like DBS vegeta ) with model
    ZEQ2_LITE 1536 XD